Every poker player must start from the beginning

Every poker player must know that you have to start from the beginning.

So, you are a beginner in playing poker; We all have to start several places. Even professional poker players must be a beginner at a time. Like all of us, you just have to start playing.

Maybe you have watched the world of poker (WSOP) series on TV, maybe you have read some poker books, maybe you’ve been to a casino and stand on the poker space rail or maybe you have played a little free internet poker.

But the best way to learn how to play poker is in a direct ring game for real money!

Now, you will jump first into poker waters. You are in the casino poker room and they just sat at the table. You mumble, “Hi,” to the dealer and other players. Your hand is in an institution, there is sweat on your upper lip and you feel light. (Yes, we are all there.)

You are rather overwhelmed and a bit embarrassed to sit at the poker table. You don’t know what to expect and have self-doubt. “Will other players run on me?” You think of yourself, let Hypemu himself to intimidate you.

Oh no, this is the first hand. You see your hole card, learn it to make sure you know what you have. ACE and Jack of Hearts. Now if you can remember what all poker books say about good start hands. Am I supposed to raise? You just call.

Flop comes king spades, ten hearts, and four hearts. Wow, four to straight and four until blended. You try to find indifferent but your heart beats faster. You call bets.

Round card is the Jack of Spades. “Okay, it’s not too bad; at least I have a partner,” you said to a small poker player in you.

Dealers throw away, and what looks like slow movements, putting a river card. Nine hearts! You have high flush beans.

“Check the increase, check the increase, check the increase,” your mind shouted.

“No, no. I can’t do that. I’m just a beginner. What do I know?” The Scaredy-Cat said. So, you just put the bet needed.

The only player left in hand. What can he have? You look at the card on the board; You check the card you hold. All players look at you, wait to see what you will do.

From somewhere you hear your voice squeaking, “Rise again.”

Your opponent calls back and shows high king-high. You deal with your card and dealer stated, “winner, ace-high flush”, push the pot in your way.

When you accumulate chips, you hear players losing grumbling, “Beginner’s luck.”

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