Online gambling – Do you trust 4 gambling myths?

The myth that surrounds many online gambling and has their roots in a misunderstanding made about opportunities and the possibility of winning.

If you gamble online and want to make big money, make sure you don’t believe 4 main gambling myths described below, because they will definitely spend your money.

Gambling myth 1 -over assess high probability of high betting

The tendency of betting value value involves a low probability of a large increase and to assess bets involving relatively high probabilities of small gains.

For example, which is a better bet for you? Play slot machines with payment of millions of dollars, or play blackjack for what looks much smaller

You might have the same money to bet on each other, but of course there is a reason why the slot machine has a large payment compared to blackjack, the possibility of low success!

A player with voice knowledge about Blackjack may not have the opportunity to make a lot of money, but the chance of success is much bigger because the edge of the casino and the chance to win far less.

Keep in mind, gift bets always increase with a decrease in opportunities to come and vice versa.

Gambling Myth 2 – Misunderstanding of Probability of Success

The tendency to interpret the probability of incorrect success in bets.

For example, many players look at the possibility of throwing numbers given to the dice so twice greater with two throws such as with one throw, each event does not depend on the other so that this is completely incorrect.

Gambling Myth 3 – Winner lines follow loss of lines

The belief that after carrying out success, mathematically unavoidable failure and vice versa.

It really follows from the point above.

One can throw twice six times in a row of ten consecutive times and does not violate the law of probability, because each throw is truly independent of the others.

This is a major mistake done by many novices.

How many players see red up 5 times in a row at the Roulette table and decide to bet more in black because this is for the next throw?

There are more players who fall in love at online gambling than you think!

Gambling Myth 4 – I almost won

“I’m near,” You will hear this all the time from online gambling players after they lose.

Well it’s in the lottery where they skip the jackpot with one number or on the slot machine when they miss jackpots with cherries.

When they “close” many players will continue to play, because they feel they are near them can only be closer and win!

But what is close is irrelevant, when each game is really not related to the previous game.

The assumption of “being close” is an irrational assumption based on emotions and not logic

This general misconception makes frustrating players and only because they do not understand the probability theory.

4. Lady Luck.

There is no way to predict when a good or bad run will end, or when an odd or even number will appear on the Roulette wheel.

If you have read the concept you just passed, you will understand why. But many players still believe in luck.

Even if luck is a factor and indeed there, no one can predict when it will arrive or disappear so it won’t help when you gamble online in any coincidence game.

Check the opportunities and depend on yourself

If you want to gamble online, and you want to win, don’t rely on luck Rely on probability law and place the best bet with the best opportunities to increase your winner’s chances.

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